SOUND THERAPY is an effective tool in reducing stress and anxiety, while enhancing and restoring brain and neurological function.  A sound "bath" offers participants a unique opportunity to achieve a restorative, yet invigorated state, within several minutes to an hour.

Sound frequencies are scientifically proven to induce restorative Alpha and Theta brain waves, and balance the parasympathetic nervous system, reducing nervous stress.  Sound is effective in relieving adrenal fatigue, has been known to alleviate depression, and is becoming increasingly popular in medical applications.  Because sound vibration is felt, as well as heard, sound is an effective form of both emotional and physical therapy. 

Quartz crystal "singing" bowls are effective in providing clear, exacted, and tangible frequency.  Combined with symphonic tuning forks, a sound bath offers a unique therapeutic experience.

After experiencing the transformative effects of sound in a yoga class with Jamie Ford in 2012, I sought out more sound events and workshops in Los Angeles and in Joshua Tree, CA. Ultimately, my friend Sam Feld and I began working privately with Jamie. I learned how to integrate sound in my Yoga Booty Ballet classes, and in my work with both children and seniors, which then evolved into more and more events focused solely on sound. My bowls now follow me on a variety of endeavors, and continue to grow their own fan following.

Sound baths continue to grow in popularity, due to their effective, immediate results.  A few photos can be found on the next page.


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