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Breakin Boundaries

11 Newel St.

[Greenpoint] Brooklyn, NY 11222



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What is it?

Spiritual Aerobics is an uplifting, non-competitive dance class that is wildly fun and therapeutic.  A loving offspring of Yoga Booty Ballet®, Spiritual Aerobics is known for its' playful attitude, and easy-to-own movement.  The structure of this class is intuitive, and intentional, supporting participants.   The collective flow stimulates, while each participants' flow provides optimal restoration.  Crafted playlists vary daily, and are curated for the best of times.  All are welcome, in this cleansing, soulful class that awakens the senses and ignites deeper purpose. 



Spiritual Aerobics has grown with me since 2007, and continues to evolve as I do.  It is distinctly alive, as it takes its' shape from each participant's energy.  I have treasured this class, which is a life practice, the most fun party, and my favorite kind of therapy.  It is always real, honest, and courageous.  It keeps me wild and free.



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"Kristen is an exceptional spirit and teacher. This class is great for all levels and abilities. Welcoming and safe."


"Kristen is a great instructor. She really puts her all into each class. It's mostly dance with some stretch and feel good vibes thrown in. But try this class even if you're not into dance classes. I have two left feet and it's the only one I'll go to!"


"The best class I've taken on ClassPass so far. Kristen was an absolutely amazing and kindhearted instructor. She added a really unique blend of yoga/spirituality into what was otherwise a fun dance class set to pop music - I haven't seen anything like this before."



"Kristen is awesome, she completely turned my day around. Her energy is unparalleled. The rest of the studio reminds me of a old nyc dance hang out for the real dancers. Bring water, a mat and your sense of joy!"


"Kristen can make even the most cynical New Yorker smile and feel positive!"


About the Instructor:

Kristen Huffman is a yoga instructor, dance fitness instructor, and sound bath provider known for her distinctively uplifting teaching style and use of movement as healing. With over ten years of experience teaching in both private and group settings, she is passionate about fostering safe and non-competitive environments for practices of all levels. She has worked with people of all shapes and sizes, from infants to the elderly, and regularly incorporates meditation, movement, and sound into all of her offerings. In addition to her classes in NYC, Kristen provides individual sound bath sessions, wellness workshops and retreats, and teacher trainings around the world.