"I want to share something I think is really cool. A month or so back I met a sound healing practitioner and received a Sound Bath. This was a amazing experience. It caused me to think about how sound and sonic vibrations effect our lives. Especially as New Yorkers we are battered with sound all of the time. It surrounds us and compresses us degrading our health and life quality. My sound bath had such a positive effect that I want to share it with you. With that in mind I convinced the healer [Kristen] that gave me my sound bath to allow me to host a special event. I found this experience to be both energizing and deeply relaxing at the same time. I felt its effects to be deeply healing and long lasting. "

-Charles M.

"I was comfortable as soon as I walked into the room. Your energy was so positive and welcoming. I felt right at home laying down. I was drawn to a spot and claimed it. I can almost hear you saying "Claim your sacred space." When I think about it. It's easy for me to hear your voice as empowering. :)

Anyway, once the sound bath actually started, it was everything I had hoped it would be and more. I needed it so badly. Ever since my medical insurance plan changed in January, I haven't been able to afford therapy/counseling. I'm not saying one sound bath makes up for months of going without counseling, but it certainly helped. I was able to process a lot of issues I had been keeping myself busy to avoid dealing with (which is so easy to do in NYC) in that 75 minute session. 

Probably the most interesting/unexpected thing that came up for me during the sound bath was this sort of exorcism of voices. I have a very interesting commute with children every morning and afternoon 5 days a week. The kids are ungodly loud and I just sort of zone out and can even nap through the crazy noise. I thought it wasn't affecting me. However, during the sound bath--all these children's voices came up at once. It was like I had been storing them inside my brain when I thought I had been able to drown them out. A reminder that just because we can ignore something doesn't mean it isn't affecting us. All that "noise" sort of plopped out of my head during the sound bath. I don't know how else to explain it. It was alarming and incredible. It needed to happen. 

And I had a date after the sound bath. A date I was nervous about. Thanks to the sound bath, I felt so rested and calm. I was able to handle a couple of relationship curve balls in a way that felt very true to myself. I honestly don't know if I could have handled these moments the way I was able to, had I not just experienced the profound experience that was your sound bath. 

I can't wait to go to another one. I've been telling people about the experience ever since it happened. You are a wonderful friend and a gifted gifted healer. "


“It's not an exaggeration to say that Kristen's class has completely changed my relationships with exercise, my body, and my neighborhood. I started coming to her YBB class at Heartbeat House about a year and a half ago, and right away, I fell in love with the atmosphere she created--it wasn't just about working out, but also about spirituality, community, and feeling good in our own skin. 

Each class begins with time for students to share good news or ask for support, which immediately sets the tone for a different kind of workout experience and brings us closer together. From there, we do some Kundalini yoga to get our energy flowing, set an intention, and then start dancing! Kristen always introduces herself to new students and lets them know that class is totally non-competitive, which I think is a big part of why even the less experienced among us feel comfortable really going for it.”    

 -Mia M. 

“I first took classes with Kristen three years ago in Culver City. A friend and i were in search of a workout that we could do together and motivate each other. Entering our first YBB class, we were both a little nervous. Kristen quickly made us feel completely welcome and at ease, and made sure we knew that this was a non-competitive class. It was just about *feeling good*. What was even more amazing was that, despite a crowded room full of dancers, Kristen gave us an opportunity to share anything that was going on in our lives - good, bad, scary, sad - anything, and feel 100% supported by her and other classmates. It was like exercise + therapy rolled into one joyous hour. Kristen possesses an incredibly positive energy that is infectious. I highly, highly recommend bringing her into your life.”     

-Alli R. 

"While my initial incentive was to get in shape for my wedding last fall, I still exercise almost every day, and I credit Kristen for showing me how it can be a positive experience. It's a part of my life now, and that really is a huge gift.

..Honestly, I have always disliked working out, and never been able to keep it up consistently-- until I started going to Kristen's YBB classes in Atwater Village and Pasadena a year ago. It was the first time I have ever smiled during a workout! So I kept going. As the months went on, I noticed the physical and emotional benefits I was getting, and MY GOD was I EVER having WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY MORE FUN than say, running. I got in the best shape of my life and had a blast doing it. "

-Lesley H.

“LA is an amazing quirky city with a lot of fun work outs, but nothing... I repeat, NOTHING has ever come close to Kristen's version of YBB....Going to a dance class sounds intimidating... But I have followed Kristen to three studios. Why? Because the moves are very easy to follow and you kinda just lose yourself.”    

-Alexandra C. 

“YBB is a blast. It's like a dance party slumber party version of everything you could ever want at the gym. A dance party slumber party that has you exhausted and dripping sweat and sucking down every last ounce of what's in your water bottle!.. YBB is hard work and it took me a few classes to learn most of the moves, but even when I was having a rough day, I just modified some of the moves and allowed myself just to dance lightly and have fun. Anyone can do YBB...Kristen picks music so great, I almost think she was a DJ in a past life! At least once a month there are live drums for no extra cost, which is a pretty awesome class addition. I pretty much never thought I would find a place to dance barefoot to Britney Spears with LIVE DRUM ACCOMPANINMENT and there I was doing so in Atwater Village on a weeknight...Because all my friends knew how much I hated exercising and going to the gym and then saw my absolute devotion to Kristen's YBB class, they pretty much one-by-one came to check out YBB with me at some point. Kristen constantly was amazed by my YBB-posse. 9 out 10 of my friends kept going on their own without me....I had a hellish work commute from Venice to Silver Lake and YBB with Kristen was often the light at the end of my workday tunnel. There just aren't a lot of outlets to just DANCE to good music in a room full of smart, creative, inspiring women and YBB was my special weekly or twice a week outlet for that.

-Cathy D.


The following are anonymous posts from ClassPass users in NYC:

"Kristen is an exceptional spirit and teacher. This class is great for all levels and abilities. Welcoming and safe."

"Kristen is a great instructor. She really puts her all into each class. It's mostly dance with some stretch and feel good vibes thrown in. But try this class even if you're not into dance classes. I have two left feet and it's the only one I'll go to!"

"The best class I've taken on ClassPass so far. Kristen was an absolutely amazing and kindhearted instructor. She added a really unique blend of yoga/spirituality into what was otherwise a fun dance class set to pop music - I haven't seen anything like this before."

"Kristen can make even the most cynical New Yorker smile and feel positive!"

"Kristen is awesome, she completely turned my day around. Her energy is unparalleled. The rest of the studio reminds me of a old nyc dance hang out for the real dancers. Bring water, a mat and your sense of joy!"