Sound Therapy

["This was a amazing experience. It caused me to think about how sound and sonic vibrations effect our lives. Especially as New Yorkers we are battered with sound all of the time. It surrounds us and compresses us degrading our health and life quality. My sound bath had such a positive effect."] 


Northside Senior Center

179 N. Sixth Street

Brooklyn, NY 11211




Gong + Bowl Sound Bath

with Kristen Huffman and Robert Hall


Y.A.S:        Yoga + Acupuncture + Sound

With Kristen Huffman and Dr. Nini Mai

 @ Evolve Health + Wellness

Community events $60

Private sessions by request

What is it?

Sound Therapy is an effective tool in reducing stress and anxiety, while enhancing  brain and neurological function.  A sound "bath" refers to an event in which a sound therapist offers frequency to participants, who recline in a comfortable pose to receive.  Sound baths offer participants a unique opportunity to achieve a restorative, yet invigorated state, within several minutes to an hour.

Sound frequencies are proven to induce restorative Alpha and Theta brain waves, and balance the parasympathetic nervous system, reducing nervous stress.  Sound is effective in relieving adrenal fatigue, has been known to alleviate depression, and is becoming increasingly popular in medical applications.  Because sound vibration is felt, as well as heard, sound is an impactful means of emotional and physical therapy. 

Quartz crystal "singing" bowls are effective in providing clear, exacted, and tangible frequency.  Gong frequency is effective in producing dynamic, room and body-shifting wave.  Other tools include symphonic tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, and drums.  


Sound baths continue to grow in popularity, due to their effective, immediate results.



After experiencing the transformative effects of sound in a yoga class with Jamie Ford Bechtold in 2012, I sought out her events around Los Angeles and Joshua Tree, CA., growing more curious;  I was experiencing dynamic and varied effects, and wanted to learn more.  After studying privately with Jamie at the Sound Bath Center, I became inspired to share this effective science with others.  Acquiring my first singing bowl, I began by integrating sound into the relaxation segments of my group dance and yoga classes, and in my work with Seniors.  Soon, the requests grew to have events that were "just sound."  What others were experiencing fed my enthusiasm, and I continued to explore the practical applications of sound frequency.  As my practice bloomed, so did my interest in acquiring tools every chance I got.  My family of instruments became my treasured companions; they now travel wherever I do,  and make friends far and wide.



A letter from a participant (7/21/16:)

"I was comfortable as soon as I walked into the room. Your energy was so positive and welcoming. I felt right at home laying down. I was drawn to a spot and claimed it. I can almost hear you saying "Claim your sacred space." When I think about it. It's easy for me to hear your voice as empowering. :)

Anyway, once the sound bath actually started, it was everything I had hoped it would be and more. I needed it so badly. Ever since my medical insurance plan changed in January, I haven't been able to afford therapy/counseling. I'm not saying one sound bath makes up for months of going without counseling, but it certainly helped. I was able to process a lot of issues I had been keeping myself busy to avoid dealing with (which is so easy to do in NYC) in that 75 minute session. 

Probably the most interesting/unexpected thing that came up for me during the sound bath was this sort of exorcism of voices. I have a very interesting commute with children every morning and afternoon 5 days a week. The kids are ungodly loud and I just sort of zone out and can even nap through the crazy noise. I thought it wasn't affecting me. However, during the sound bath--all these children's voices came up at once. It was like I had been storing them inside my brain when I thought I had been able to drown them out. A reminder that just because we can ignore something doesn't mean it isn't affecting us. All that "noise" sort of plopped out of my head during the sound bath. I don't know how else to explain it. It was alarming and incredible. It needed to happen. 

And I had a date after the sound bath. A date I was nervous about. Thanks to the sound bath, I felt so rested and calm. I was able to handle a couple of relationship curve balls in a way that felt very true to myself. I honestly don't know if I could have handled these moments the way I was able to, had I not just experienced the profound experience that was your sound bath. 

I can't wait to go to another one. I've been telling people about the experience ever since it happened. You are a wonderful friend and a gifted gifted healer. "



About the Instructor:

Kristen Huffman is a yoga instructor, dance fitness instructor, and sound bath provider known for her distinctively uplifting teaching style and use of movement as healing. With over ten years of experience teaching in both private and group settings, she is passionate about fostering safe and non-competitive environments for practices of all levels. She has worked with people of all shapes and sizes, from infants to the elderly, and regularly incorporates meditation, movement, and sound into all of her offerings. In addition to her classes in NYC, Kristen provides individual sound bath sessions, wellness workshops and retreats, and teacher trainings around the world.