East, West

When we wrap up a Yoga Booty Ballet class, we offer each other a salutation of mutual respect.  "Namaste" can mean "I learn from you, and you learn from me."  or "I bow to the light in you, as you bow to the light in me." or my favorite: "I honor your intentions, as I know you honor mine."


I begin my transition to New York, with a vast and deep connection to you, my beloved community here in LA.  I make this big step knowing that what is in service to me, is in service to you.  Fortunate pieces have moved into place, miraculous and gangster-like, like the delicious French- Frias!!  Luisa Frias will be dominating Monday YBB, and Agatha French blowing up Wednesday YBB.  Throughout the summer, we will be dancing all around, strengthening and fortifying our family of free spirits.  

I speak to you often about "upleveling," of expanding.. of going huge.  I talk about intentions manifesting in ways beyond our wildest visions.  We do the work, and it is worth it.  I have seen you start courageous careers, have babies, find love, and heal wounds.  I have seen friends, roommates, and colleagues made before my eyes.  I have lived 9 years of my own life alongside you.  This is the work of my heart.  I go to New York City to expand this community, my life, and this heart of mine.


Please find the rest of this summer as an opportunity to unveil, and discover.  I will be leading several classes in July and August at Heartbeat House, to go big with and celebrate my love for you. I am opening up a new Feels Pretty Awesome website, with clear info on when and where to find dance parties, sound therapy, and support in LA and for your friends to find in NY!  I intend to launch my first Feels Pretty Awesome weekend RETREAT later this year.   I high five you and hug you, and of course, wish to do so in person.  


I honor you as you honor me. And I love you, my family!



Feels Pretty Awesome